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Quick On The Job

Rats – Very positive experience. Job was completed in a timely, tidy fashion. Thank You Very Much

Prompt and Reassuring Service

Pest control (fleas) – Ernest provided a prompt and reassuring service when we needed an emergency flea treatment. His aftercare was also fantastic and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank You

Most Reliable

Removal of rat infestation, by sorcing the entry point and effectively fitting a contraption to block their access. I found Ernest of Deadbug to be a reliable, competent and friendly person. He did everything he could and more, to ensure that the problem was removed...

Super Service

Ernest is extremely efficient and completes his work to a very high standard. He has never left us high and dry and is always coming up with new suggestions, He does all he can to resolve problems. Thanks

Excellent Service

House mice – Professional, polite, and courteous, Ernest was able to provide great communication and solutions for multiple types of bait, traps, and poison. He was able to locate the point of entry and provide input on how to resolve the problem completely....