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We remove the bugs and pests everyone  hates.


Deadbug Pest control ltd is a well-established Pest Control Company serving areas around Newcastle, Gateshead and other parts of the North East.

We have a lot of experience out in the field and lots of training including with Killgerm.

We also work hand in hand with many of the largest Pest Control companies in the UK to provide you with a top quality and professional service.

Our services include such domestic calls for all pest removal needs, as well as pest monitoring to make sure your home remains pest free.

For the commercial industry we offer pest removal as well as pest prevention contracts, this is a contract that provides constant monitoring of the premises for all different types of pests such as rodents, flies, and stored product insects to make sure it is and stays a pest free zone.

We will also supply and install fly units for food industry related premises amongst other Pest Products.


We are NPTA accredited, and we are a proud member of CRRU. we are also registered on the PROMPT register.